Sample360 nominated and shortlisted for a Patient Safety Awards 2019


We are extremely proud that Sample360 was nominated and shortlisted for a Patient Safety Award this year.

Sample360 is MSoft’s electronic sample tracking and management solution, which helps you reduce cost, save time and improve patient safety.

It lowers blood sample errors, eliminates your sample rejection rate and gives the hospital the option to remove the second sample for transfusion rule, this means the sample taking process is quicker, results come back faster, and patients can progress with their treatment.

You have the flexibility to customise the system by selected or deselecting the modules to fit in with your hospital’s process, it can fit in easily without the need to change historical processes or retrain staff, helping improve the adoption rate of the system. Best practices can also be enforced and actively managed as one process is followed across the entire hospital or health service, improving the hospital’s efficiency.

Thanks to the team at¬†University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust for nominating us and working hard on the judge’s presentation.

The awards ceremony was held at Manchester Central Conference Centre and the MSoft and UHS team had a great night sharing in the successful patient safety stories.¬†It was unfortunate we didn’t win but there was some hard competition and we are honored to be nominated for such a prestigious award.

Until next year…