Mud Tracking – Mudhound

Mudhound 1

MSoft is proud to announce the launch of Mudhound the brand new Electronic Mud Tracking system. Designed to control access to the valuable resource of Mud and ensure only Professionals Trained to Handle Mud have that access. Mud is a very valuable resource, it’s a gift from Mother Nature.

Mud must always be:

  • Looked after in a professional manner
  • Kept at the right temperature
  • Must not get to wet or too dry
  • Monitored and looked after to ensure good growth

All of this is essential so that Mud can be Safely Transfused with any sick or dying plant. Mudhound controls access to all locations of where Mud is located by a Touch screen Kiosk. This insures that only Trained Professionals have access to this valuable resource that is Mud.

Mudhound 2

dug deeply 1The Brombrough Wirral Ramblers Association Chair “Doug Deeply” has announced that his Ramblers Association will be fully supporting controlling access to the valuable resource of Mud. He wants to assure the public that his members will not be walking across any Mud stores in the Wirral area and will be using the Touch Screen Kiosks to access the Mud.

MSoft supports other specialist organisations that are currently taking samples of the different types of Soil as it is far more common than Mud to ensure with our MudSample360 product that these samples are handled correctly and delivered safely to the Lab to see if they can be transformed into Mud. Mudhound would then take control and secure access.