Why Buy Our Solutions?


All of MSoft’s solutions help improve patient safety and in some cases save lives, this is our number one priority.

What our solutions do:

  • Ensures Patients are Positively Identified at the bedside we call this Positive Patient Identification.  
  • Phlebotomy Sample tracking and management.
  • Ensures integrity of the Blood stock supply, from Blood stock refrigerators to Patient bedsides we call this Right Blood, Right Patient.
  • Secure access and computerised auditing, reporting and stock management of Blood Stock.
  • Cross-matched issue and remote issue of Blood units.
  • Bedside Transfusion management.
  • Patient observation monitoring and reporting with real time alerting and communication.

There are other benefits to MSoft’s solutions like efficiency improvements and finical savings.

Typical Savings for a small Hospital:

Business case savings

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