Blood360 T1 Kiosk

T1 Blood F (Thank you)

Introducing the New Blood360 T1 Kiosk

Controlling access to Blood Fridges has never been so easy with the new Blood360 T1 Kiosk. Built from over 10 years of user experience & customer feedback it is faster and more intuitive for the user.

What’s new?

  • Integrated training mode
  • Improved intuitive interface
  • multiple mounting options
  • Fingerprint access as standard
  • Contextual help with user prompts

Integrated training mode

You can now switch your Kiosk into training mode to teach new team members or retrain existing staff.

scan blood outIntuitive interface

Its Simple interface improves issue and return times, it is also now also available in any language. Plug and play, the new Kiosk needs minimal IT input for setup.


Multiple mounting options

You can mount your Kiosk on the wall, on a desk, onto a fridge or even from the floor.

New T1 Kiosk

Fingerprint access

Now with Biometric fingerprint access as standard, however you can still determine how to access the kiosk from a choice of Barcode & PIN Access Cards or with ‘Anti-Card Swap’ technologies such as Biometric, SMART cards, CHIP & PIN cards and Active Directory Single-Sign-On.

Emergency Blood

Emergency Blood Access is provided on the kiosk and can be configured to either allow access after login or access without login. This is completely configurable by the system administrator for each kiosk. Any time the Emergency Access button is used the kiosk sounds and an audible & visual alert is sent to the laboratory. A Full Audit of who, what, when and where is recorded at point of access.