Stroke360 proccess v3Managed & Auditable Stroke Patient Pathway System

MSoft the award winning healthcare software provider known for their Hospital wide Electronic Blood Tracking Systems has added to its service offering Stroke360. The System allows users to enter information onto a hand held wireless device at the bedside, whilst they are making their clinical assessment. Stroke360 is a Web Based Stroke Register that can be used on a multitude of devices across Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows platforms. Stroke360 can be integrated in acute Stroke units, rehabilitation wards, community teams and GP practices on new or existing computers and devices.

Stroke360 provides more detailed information than traditional paper based or Patient system. Stroke360 collates information entered by professionals who have been given authorised access to the system within a defined framework. The information can be entered at various stages of the Patient Pathway to facilitate inter-hospital transfers and management of Patients. It is also able to collate relevant data that is required for reporting efficiently at the bedside point of care. Stroke360 provides an accessible, easy to use system for fast electronic reporting that assists the decision making process and reduces admin time as well as ensuring that the funding from the care given is audited and managed.

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How does it work?

• Potential Stroke incident – Call made to Emergency service; a Paramedic is despatched
• Paramedic arrives at location
• Assessment of Patient – Date recorded by hand held device and relayed wirelessly back to Hospital
• Patient Transported to Hospital – Assessments can continue being recorded on hand held device
• Patient Arrives at Emergency Room and seen by medical staff
• Patient booked in on device
• Assessment of the Patient – Using Stroke360 to map their deterioration
• Patient treatment administrated – recorded on Stroke360 HL7 message can be received from Pharmacy recording Drug dispense alert
• Admitted to Hospital ward for ongoing treatment
• Ongoing care / treatment and community interaction – recorded on Stroke360
• Update to GP ongoing care

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