Stroke360 Key Features


Key Features of Stroke360:

User role based administration– Allows authorised users to edit the details of users of the system, and create new and edit users with differing access rights based on role.
Patients search– Allows users to enter search criteria and view a list of Stroke Patients
Patient overview– Stroke360 provides the ability to view and edit Patient details such as name, DOB, address etc. The interface also includes episode summary data, such as score history. This interface will also provide the ability to generate letters for the Patient.  An optional HL7 ADT link com automates the update of Patient details.
Patient episode view– Provides the user with all the information and actions available for an individual episode
Dynamic query– This interface provides authorised users with access to a list of report queries which have been entered into the database by advanced users. Once selected, the report query is executed and the results displayed to the user.

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System Interfaces:

Links to PAS systems– HL7 ADT link to populate and update client demographics and episodic data (i.e. A&E Admissions).
Link to Pharmacy– HL7 link to prescribed Pharmaceutical drugs for this episode (optional add on)
Links to other systems–ability to link to multiple systems; EPR / EHR, SSNAP and SITS reporting

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The design of Stroke360 has been structured to allow advanced reporting to support simple or complex analysis with reporting of the captured data.

•Selected users can configure ad-hoc reports for specific requirements
•Creation of graphs and charts to simplify and visualise the data creatively
•Multitude of export formats to enable links to or analysis within other systems
•The Creation of calculation and costing projection reports and scenarios

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What hardware do I need?

The Hospital will need to invest in a PDA or Laptop to run the application. Our most common configurations utilise the enterprise class hardware PDA’s from major manufacturers such as Motorola, but the Software can also be offered on Apple iOS and Google Android Devices too.

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