Stroke360 Benefits


What are the benefits?

Secure Shared Patient data – across the various sites and stages of the Pathway
Improved Communication – along the Stroke Pathway
Reduced duplication of data – saving valuable time and administration costs
GP Practice Availability – improving discharge information and follow up care

Does Stroke360 help reduce cost and paper work?

Duplication of data – Stroke360 reduces the duplication of data; existing paper based system have to be manually entered into a EHR / EPR system this takes valuable time away from front line staff and can cost extra in administration.

Paper Based System – Many things can go wrong with a paper based system; after all it is a very busy Hospital environment. Hand written notes can be difficult to read or can take precious time to decipher.

Audit / Submittal of Data – Stroke360 can also be used to submit data to SSNAP (Sentinel Stroke National Audit Programme) and SITS (Safe Implementation of Thrombolysis Stroke) that will help secure additional funding for your department.

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