Why Assethound?


The MSoft Equipment Management and Tracking solution Assethound provides Healthcare Organisations and Departments with an easy to use, fully functional, cost effective solution that is both modular and scalable.

Why Consider MSoft Assethound?

– Easy to Use
– Easy to Implement – 100% Browser Based
– Robust
– Has all the features you expect of a class leading solution
– Cost Effective – single site license with no user restrictions
– Modular
– Supported over N3

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Full Real Time Tracking

Whether you want to use barcodes, RFID, Wi-Fi, manufacturer supplied serial numbers, or a mixture of these technologies, MSoft’s Assethound will provide the Trust with full traceability of an asset from purchase to disposal. Traceability includes tracking items through the full collection process including Area/ Section movements, Decontamination, Repair and Servicing before returning to Stock.

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Stock Management with Auto Re-Order Feature

Assethound has a full Stock Management Module allowing Hospitals to effectively manage their stock and have added features like auto re-ordering, supplier cost differentials, etc. The stock management feature also includes a full product catalogue feature with a category/ decision tree, associated product reminders and alternative products.

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Planned Preventative Maintenance

All repeat work can be scheduled in advance, including work to be carried out by third party organisations. Automated prompts ensure work is effectively scheduled and carried out. External and Internal Suppliers have their own interface on the system allowing efficient entering of data.

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Ward Based Requesting Module

The Ward requesting module allows wards to request items for delivery, repair or collection via a web browser interface. This interface also allows different members of staff to have different approval levels for different equipment including a full approval management system before the request arrives at the medical equipment library.

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Audit Reporting for all parts of the system

Report on all equipment activity including:

– Equipment to repairer with parts used, process followed, etc
– Equipment per ward
– Engineer efficiency
– Performance against SLA
– Job Scheduler and Management

Schedule work for maintenance staff and teams of maintenance staff using the enhanced calendaring functionality. Each staff or team member has their own web interface to view jobs and calendars of work.

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Contracts Management

System can differentiate between internal and external contracts. Create Service Level Agreements for both types of contract and report on effectiveness. You can have a ‘Customer’ contract with a Ward or Department and a separate ‘Supplier’ contract with external companies – each can be SLA reported on separately.

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Wi-Fi Tracking

Putting Wi-Fi tags onto equipment allows for real-time tracking of equipment using an existing wireless network. Each tag automatically updates the Asset Register with its current location or zone which eliminates the need for an operator to enter the data after a move – reduces errors and it is real-time.

MSoft Assethound has mobile modules that work on handheld devices for enhanced tracking and maintenance functionality including on-site servicing and delivery/ collection of equipment.

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