Vital360 – Other Features

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Exporting Engine

Vital360 has been designed around integration with other systems and can be used to automatically export data and documents to other systems.

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System Link and Web Services

Vital360 has the ability to take a feed from other systems for observations and still allow triggers to be attached to these System Link observation packs.

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Wireless Printer Support

Vital360 supports different wireless printers allowing printing of charts and documents at the bedside. These printers include the Zebra QL series and the Brother Wireless A4 printers which are lightweight and very easy to use. Vital360 still supports any networked or directly attached printers within the Hospital network.

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Multiple PDA and Device Support

Following on from the open hardware architecture of Bloodhound; Vital360 supports even more PDA’s and devices including native support for all Windows Mobile and CE devices, Microsoft PC’s, Tablets and Laptops, Google Android Devices (e.g. Panasonic Tough Pad and Motorola ET1) and any device supporting HTML 5.0 such as Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Devices.

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Post Observation Calculation Engine

This allows the Hospital to build their own statistical calculations based on the current observations taken and generate a custom score.

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blood-pressure-ra-400x400Web Interface and Enterprise Architecture

The Vital360 system carries on the MSoft mantra of innovative Web only solutions with its core system based around an Enterprise Architecture incorporating a Web Application Server at its core – this allows virtually any PC, Tablet, iPad or Laptop to access Vital360 within the Hospital Network without the need for installed software.

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