Why Sample360

Sample360 reduces Blood Sample errors and speeds up the Sample taking process. It brings your Sample rejection rates down to zero and it gives the hospital the option to remove the 2nd Sample for Transfusions. This means test results come back quicker and patients can be moved to other departments or sent home.

Sample360 utilises hand held devices that scan 1D or 2D bar coded  wristbands to confirm the patients ID at the bedside. Portable printers are used to print bar coded labels at the patients bedside negating the need to leave the patient. The easy to use solution removes human error and speeds up the process.

“Concerns have been expressed that the two samples may be taken at the same time, but one ‘saved’ to send to the transfusion laboratory at a later time. It is important to have a policy and process in place to assure that the two samples have been taken independently of one another, and those taking samples for transfusion, need to understand the reasons for requesting a second sample and the risk of wrong blood in tube.”

“Unless secure electronic patient identification systems are in place, a second sample should be requested for confirmation of the ABO group of a first time patient prior to transfusion”.

British Society for HaematologyGuidelines for pre-transfusion compatibility