Sample360 Saves

Many things can go wrong with Sample taking in a busy hospital environment, with a typical UK hospital handling over 20,000 – 40,000 Samples per year.

Each rejected Sample costs a minimum of £15.53* – with the average UK hospital having  3,200  Sample rejections per year the savings can be £49,000 per year based on a 8% rejection rate.

The most drastic error is a ‘wrong blood in tube WBIT’ this mistake is usually down to human error made at the Patient Identification stage of the process or the hand written information on the Blood Sample.

Lost’s of rejected Samples cost the Hospital money in wasted time, procedure delay and equipment wastage. Even more money can be saved if the Hospital chose not to take the second Sample for Transfusion, this can only be attempted safely with an electronic system.

Sample360 assists with the Sample taking process and offer a solution to ongoing rejected Sample. It can be purchased by individual wards like A&E or Theater, it can also be rolled out across the Hospital on an enterprise license.