Sample360 Advanced


Why is it Advanced?

RFID & Barcode

iPod moch up v2How do you know that the sample labels being printed are actually being printed at the Bedside? Often this question is simply answered by stating “the Patients wristband has been scanned” so that must have happened at the Bedside.

MSoft have found evidence that sometimes Patient identifier barcodes can be scanned from the Patient notes or even in one case a second Patient wristband had been printed for the Patient notes and then used. Both of these practices proved that the Patients notes had been identified and not the Patient.

To help stop this potentially dangerous practice MSoft have designed a unique Barcode and RFID system into Sample360 that makes sure that Samples are actually taken at the Bedside or in a location that the Hospital was expecting a Sample to be taken. This involves cost effective RFID tags to be located at these Sample taking locations; during the Sample taking process the User is asked to tap these tags with their PDA at the beginning and at the end of the process. The tap action takes seconds to complete and makes little difference to the time taken to take a Sample but a large difference in mitigating errors. The RFID tag also contains the location information too such as “Ward A Bay 6” which is then stored against the Sample record for Audit or Root Cause Analysis (RCA) if something goes wrong.

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Web Application & Dashboards

Sample360 has Apple iOS and Google Android PDA applications for collecting Patient information and printing the labels at the Bedside but the administration and monitoring of the main system is performed through the Web Browser.

By utilising the power of a Web Application it means the system can be accessed anywhere in the Hospital that has access to a Web Browser such as a PC or even a Tablet.

bro image iPadThe Web Application performs a number of tasks including providing a Dashboard showing the performance of the Sample taking workload, managing the PDA’s, responding to Alerts within the system and managing the User Workflows.

Dashboards have been designed for many different roles within the Hospital including the monitoring of hardware, monitoring workflow and monitoring alerts and failures in process.

All Web interfaces within Sample360 are equipped with an auto updating feature meaning the latest data is always to hand.

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Logistics Management

Logistics Management

Sample360 Advanced extends the standard edition of Sample360 by adding Logistics Management to the Sample management process. This involves the management of the responsibility of the Sample and its location after the Sample has been taken. The Logistics module manages the loading of the secure transport boxes and the handover of those transport boxes from the Sample takers to the entity entrusted with its delivery to the Lab for analysis.


The Logistics element of Sample360 Advanced records who took the Sample away for transport and at what time; it will further record who received that Sample on delivery to the Lab. Sample360 Advanced also allows SLA’s to be wrapped around the collection and delivery process and report if they have been breached.

The collection and delivery of the Sample transport boxes can be performed by the in-house Portering Staff, External Logistics specialist or even Taxi firms. Sample360 records who has responsibility for the transport no matter who they work for.

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Analyser Labelling at the Bedside

Sample360 Advanced Analyser LabellingSample360 Advanced allows for close integration with the Hospital Order Communications System and Lab System. This means the Hospital Order Communications System can electronically send the actual Sample Requests and more importantly the Type of Sample directly to the Hub of Sample360 Advanced.

This information is then work-flowed and sent directly to the Sample taking Team PDA’s to action. The Sample Type dictates what design and size of label gets used for printing; for example a Swab Sample label is different from a Blood Sample label.

Normally without a system in place like Sample360 Advanced a Sample would arrive at the Lab and the Lab Team would spend time re-labelling the Sample before loading it into the Analyser. Sample360 Advanced removes this time consuming step all together and enables the Analyser-ready label to be printed at the Bedside. It achieves this by requesting the Lab Numbers directly from the Lab System before the printing of the Labels.

By combining both of these integrations together it means that the Lab Number and Order Request Number can be printed on the Label – the Lab can also rest assured that the Label design and layout conforms to that which is required by the chosen Analyser because the Order Comms system provides that information.

Sample360 Advanced supports Barcode label printing but also supports the newer RFID enabled Sample tubes which can be read by the latest RFID Analysers.

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Work Load Management

Sample mock up Work Load ManagementSample360 Advanced provides a comprehensive Workflow management system that matches the Hospital manual process of who does what Sample and when.

The system categorises a Sample Taker as a Roving Sample taker such as a Phlebotomist or a Static Sample taker such as a Ward staff member. The rules of who does what and when can be built into the system so that when a new Sample is received from the Hospital Order Communications System it is routed to the correct person or Team of people.

Users can also reject the Samples assigned to them and request they are actioned by another member of the Team or by a different Team.Sample360Advanced also has the ability to work in manual assigning workflow mode and automated assigning workflow mode depending on how the Hospital operates.

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GP’s & Remote Clinic Sample taking

Sample360 Advanced extends Sample management out of the Hospital and into the Community with its GP and Remote Clinic Sample taking module. In order to ensure that rejected Samples are kept to a near zero quantity it is important to have a full 360 degree management system in place; Sample360 Advanced provides that management.

Sample360 provides a Web based interface for GP’s and Remote Clinics which means investment in costly equipment is kept to a minimum. A standard Laser Printer option is also available allowing the Surgery or Clinic to utilise equipment they have already invested in. When printing to a Laser Printer the Lab would provide specially designed Sample360 A4 label sheets to be fed into the printer instead of using Mobile Printers and rolls of abels.

Identifying the Patient can be performed verbally with a Web search or via a pre-printed appointment letter with the Patients identification in barcode format.

GP Sample Labeling

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