Sample360 process web copy v2Sample360 is a powerful phlebotomy sample tracking and management solution that can operate as simple or as complex as the customer requires.  The system helps to eradicate a number of costly errors in the sample taking process from the point of view of the inconvenience to the patient and to the improved efficiencies in the hospital.

Sample360 is very powerful but each part of the Sample360 process has been designed to be turned on, off or changed depending on the client – it is the most flexible system on the market today. This means that the system can easily be moulded to the Hospital process without the need to change historical processes or retrain many members of the phlebotomy staff – this helps to improve the adoption rate of the system in the hospital.

Sample360 also ensures that one process is followed across the entire Hospital never mind who is taking the sample – this ensures best practise is enforced and actively managed.

Sample360 is a key component part of the award winning and the UK’s leading Electronic Blood Tracking System called Bloodhound, known internationally as Blood360. Sample360 provides the phlebotomy sample management module for Bloodhound.



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