Transfusion Management

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Other blood tracking systems would finish once delivery of the blood products have been received at Ward but it’s at this point Bloodhound moves beyond a simple blood tracking solution and becomes a patient safety solution.

iPod moch up v1Bloodhound Bedside is the final key piece in maintaining the integrity of the blood products and the safety of the patient. Utilising unique scanned patient identifiers from the wristband and then cross checking that these identifiers match the patient the unit of blood is matched to helps with final safety checks and acts as a critical tool in blood transfusions. Bloodhound Bedside becomes the logical third person in a standard two person transfusion verification process or in some circumstances allows Bloodhound Bedside to replace the second verifier freeing up valuable resource on the Ward. The bedside module consists of a number of programs to provide the following functions:

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  • Ward Receipt – time stamps delivery of blood to ward and checks blood is still valid
  • Begin Transfusion – guides nurse through checking blood is safe for that patient
  • End Transfusion – includes ability to state why transfusion ended with either a positive or negative end
  • Take Observations – including mandatory taking of 15 minute and/ or 1 hour observations – fully configurable questions including (M)EWS’s
  • Sluice Receipt – blood unit disposal/ wastage monitoring – reporting back directly to the LIMS if a bi-direction interface is available
  • Charts – can view observations per patient in either chart or table format