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Bloodhound RFID

RFID copyBloodhound is the leading Electronic Blood Tracking System because it simply harnesses the latest technologies to ensure Patient Safety.

RFID is one of those technologies and Bloodhound makes use of the technology in a very novel approach – we call this approach the Bloodhound Triple Check. RFID is a very complex technology and it is important to understand the technology and its application before choosing the correct type of RFID Tag and RFID Reader. RFID is often thought of as the replacement for Barcode Technology – you will be shocked to know that it is not.

This is because RFID can not only replace Barcodes but compliment and extend the simple tracking provided by a Barcode and take it further by continually updating the data stored within the Tag itself as it progresses on its journey to the Patient – this is at odds with a traditional Barcode because once a Barcode is printed it cannot be added to or amended unlike its RFID Tag cousin. RFID Tags can contain the Donation Number, Blood Product Code, current Crossmatch Patient Identifiers, Cold Chain Information and even who took it out of the Fridge last. RFID and Barcode Technologies can co-exist on exactly the same Label – this allows older technology investments in some areas of the operation still to be used whilst harnessing the newer RFID technology in other areas. This forms the basis of the Bloodhound Triple Check.

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