On Ward

Bloodhound_Logo 2015The web interface allows Ward staff to check if blood is ready for their patient in an instant and where it currently is – on its way or in a fridge. As a web based system, Bloodhound gives its users the freedom to determine which hardware is used on the ward and where.

Whether an iPad, Tablet, Laptop or PC, it’s the user who decides.

Doctor work at the patients bedside in the ward

Ward staff only see the options they have access to, making the system easy to use, highly configurable and safe. Ward staff can simply access patient and blood unit history, blood unit location history, ward receipt a unit of blood, fate a unit of blood and view patient observations if using the bedside module – they can even self print collection cards, observation charts and even patient wristbands.

All administration is performed via the web interface giving lab staff a vast amount of control over how the system is used.

The Bloodhound system can track any special requirements for a patient. These are shown in a field on the web interface next to the patient name and the product cross matched for them – they are specially encoded to stop accidental viewing of sensitive data.