Bloodhound 4

Designed to work in harmony with the Bloodhound Electronic Blood Tracking Solution, the new Bloodhound4 refrigerator has been designed to only release the draw where the correct allocated blood product is stored, saving time and minimising errors.This unique design of Blood Bank Refrigerator is manufactured by Labcold for MSoft in the UK. As with all models in the Bloodhound storage range, the Bloodhound4 is fully compliant with BS4376: Part 1. 1991 and is certified in accordance with Directive 93/42/EEC annex 11.3. (Medical Devices).Bloodhound 4 & 9 Table copy

As the name suggests the Bloodhound4 comes in a 4 lockable draw configuration and is designed to be located in environments were space is at a premium, notably Operating Theatres, Community Clinics and Smaller Remote Installations.