Remote Issue Blood Fridges

Bloodhound banner 3One of the unique aspects of Bloodhound is that it allows for blood stock management and blood product issuing remotely.

Not constrained by local networks or hardware limitations, Bloodhound allows for a true “Hub and Spoke” approach to blood stock management.This approach is ideal for a large or small campus, remote community hospitals, private hospitals or Pathology Labs looking to expand further into the community – it allows Pathology Laboratories to have a campus wide view of blood stock levels, as well as giving the same secure controlled access to blood fridges from a remote location.

Bloodhound also gives a greater granular control over fridge access and user guidance by only unlocking the correct compartment for the correct blood in multi-compartment fridges. Remote Issue saves money by reducing blood waste, reducing transport costs and bringing warehouse style stock management to the blood stock – This cost saving aspect of Bloodhound Remote Issue means return on the initial investment is achieved over a shorter period of time.

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Remote Issue – what exactly is it? 

In its simplest form it allows the Pathology Lab to store un-reserved Blood Units, aka Stock Blood Units, in a fridge closer to where it is needed, and then issue them remotely via an Electronic Blood Tracking System (EBTS) like Bloodhound. These Stock Units can be stored in a normal fridge or better still it can be stored in one of the new Multi-Draw or Vending units available on the market today.

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What are the benefits of Remote Issue:

1.   Reduction in trips to Remote Locations – as you can manage the Remote Fridges as modern warehouses do with Minimum and Optimum Stocks Levels with weekly rather than daily replenishment etc.
2.   Improved Efficiency & Improved Demand Management.
3.   Reduced impact of Fridge Hardware Failure through Smart Distribution of Stock Blood.
4.   Easier to manage demand and respond to special areas such as the ER – a single Issue Fridge for all may not be the most efficient way for your location.
5.   Pathology Labs expanding out of the Hospital Campus to a greater audience – this is true Hub & Spoke – one huge Pathology Lab off Campus could in theory Remote Issue to many different venues spread over hundreds of square miles.

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