Blood360 on Apple iOS

Blood360 Bedside banner 2MSoft are the first software solutions provider in the world to develop an Apple iOS App for Blood Tracking.

iPod moch up v2iPod moch up v1The leading web based electronic Blood Tracking System Blood360 is now available on Apple’s iOS format allowing nurses to use Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad at the patient’s bedside. Blood360 controls access to and from all blood fridges, while its bedside application management system allows each bar-coded blood unit to be matched with the patient’s bar-coded wristband in a matter of seconds.



Nurses and other staff within the a Trust using the App on a iPod can access patient information and scan labels using the latest technology at the bedside. The Blood Tracking application in this fromatt is more intuitive for users as many of us own and user smart phones/ devices.

iPod stringMSoft world first development of this application does not end with iOS devices. Work is already underway to develop the App for Windows and Google Android devices, that will give NHS hospitals a broader range when choosing devices to aid in the blood-tracking process.

MSoft believe strongly in the importance of providing our customers with modern, innovative and flexible technology which enables them to enhance patient care and improve patient safety. Hospitals need to know that the technology they invest in will provide them with the sophisticated, efficient and, most importantly, secure and safe systems they require.

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