Blood360 – Fridge Management

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Blood360: Issue Fridge Management

fridgeUsing the Blood360 Kiosk to control access to blood fridges, Blood360 has been developed with intuitive usability in mind and as such the system process is easy to follow with visual prompting at every stage – it really is as simple as using a kiosk at the supermarket!

You can determine how the kiosks are accessed. Blood360 is fully compatible with Barcode & PIN Access Cards or with ‘Anti-Card Swap’ technologies such as Biometric fingerprint technology as well as NHS SMART cards, CHIP & PIN cards and Active Directory Single-Sign-On Hospital wide systems.

Kiosk mokup for Medica v2The kiosk and Bedside PDA’s talk in real time to the server based application (Hub) ensuring end to end blood tracking integrity. The system also knows how long the blood products have been out of the refrigerators and how transit occurred, by hand or even RFID tagged blood transit boxes – it will even alert the user when a unit is about to expire in transit.

An Emergency Blood Access button is provided on the kiosk and can be configured to either allow access after login or access without login – This is completely configurable by the system administrator for each kiosk. Any time the Emergency Access button is used the kiosk sounds an alert and an audible & visual alert is sent to the laboratory. A Full Audit of who, what, when and where is recorded at point of access.

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