Blood360 process web copyBlood360 is known as Bloodhound in the UK. Bloodhound has consistently been the leading Electronic Blood Tracking System in the UK since 2007. For the Rest of World markets (RoW), the solution has been rebranded to reflect the 360° management of Blood Products by Bloodhound in the Hospital.

A key factor for patient safety within Blood Transfusion is the integrity of the Blood stock supply, from entering Blood stock refrigerators to Patient bedsides, with the duty of care lying with the healthcare provider.

The biggest contributor to errors in Blood Transfusions have been linked to human factors withdrawing the wrong Blood from the refrigerators and not maintaining up to date patient observations records, and this is why Bloodhound has been developed. Bloodhound – developed in consultation with healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. The Bloodhound system deals with the fundamental requirements of Blood Tracking and guarantees the integrity and security of clinical Blood products entering a healthcare provider’s premise.

Right Blood, Right Patient.

Bloodhound is a truly unique Blood Tracking System. At its core is a fully secure access and computerised audit, reporting and stock management solution – allowing for cross-matched issue, remote issue, tailored reporting and auditing through to bedside Transfusion management, patient observations monitoring and reporting with real time alerting and communication. Bloodhound consists of a central server application (Hub) allowing for full communication between laboratories, devices and ward staff. Supplemented by next generation Bloodhound kiosks providing controlled access to Blood stock & issue refrigerators and agitators and the latest in healthcare standard PDA’s* with barcode scanners extending patient safety to the bedside.

But Bloodhound is more.

Bloodhound gives you the ability to build your own Blood Tracking solution to suit your needs with Bloodhound’s numerous modules and application solutions – a truly configurable solution to meet your needs.

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