Blood Management

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Blood Management Solution Overview

Our Bloodhound and Blood360 systems gives secure control over Blood Stocks from RefrigerationBlood Sample Management and through the Transfusion Management. The System consists of a central server giving a web view of all activity, kiosks that provide controlled access to blood fridges and bedside software that extends transfusion safety to the bedside. All kiosks and bedside devices talk with the central server in real time thereby providing a real time view of all product movements.


Each part of the process carries a full audit trail showing who did what, where, when, and how. This is in accordance with blood safety and quality regulations 2005 Statuory instrument 2005 No.50. MSoft provide an audit tool that allows a user to access all the data stored within the system. We provide a number of standard reports, however customised reports can be created as required.

Real Time System View and Alerting

As the system is web based, real time alerts are always available allowing both visual and audible alerts to be sent to nominated PCs. The MSoft fridge and bedside system alert in real time if blood is not matched to the patient, if a unit of blood has been out of the fridge longer than allowed, has expired or is out of reservation time. MSoft use 6 points of check at the bedside to ensure blood is safe for a given patient, if one of these is incorrect then the system alerts.

Secure Access

Full access control is included in the system. Each user is given their own logon ID and password. There is fine granular control over access rights within the system. Staff members only see what they have access to see and each user is given their own logon ID and password.


MSoft have interfaced with all the leading laboratory systems. For user authentication we have already used the following options:

  •     Biometrics – fingerprint scanning
  •     Barcoded ID with PIN number
  •     Active Directory username and Password

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