Batch Products

The traceability of Batch Products within a Hospital environment is very difficult. Batch Products arrive into the lab, the product is booked into the LIMS and given a unique ID, this ID however only marries up to the Batch lot number which is human readable only, not Barcoded (in the majority of cases). Not having the ability to trace products due to the lack of scannable barcodes means Hospitals still currently use paper-based processes that are very time-consuming and can result in increased errors compared to electronic Blood product traceability.

MSoft has the facility to not only trace the product but the ability to uniquely label the individual Batch products in the lab, via our Blood360 solution. An MSoft mobile printer is used to print the 2D barcodes in the lab starting the traceability cycle at the source. In the same way a Blood Unit is managed, the system uses the T1 Kiosks to control access to a storage unit. As an added benefit MSoft mobile devices can be used to manage/record the administration of the Batch products at the patient’s bedside.

Additional option of Bedside Administration