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Health and Public Sector organisations are vast and complex operations and keeping control over so many diverse functions may appear a daunting task. However, by using MSoft’s web based solutions, it is possible and the benefits can be dramatic.

Blood Management

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Our Bloodhound solution gives secure control over Blood Stocks from Issue and Remote Issue Refrigerators it also Manages the Transfusion process from ward receipt through to Start/ Stop Transfusions as well as take observations. The biggest contributor to errors in Blood Transfusions have been linked to human factors withdrawing the wrong blood from the refrigerators and not maintaining up to date patient observations records, and this is why Bloodhound has been developed. Read More

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Sample Management

Our Sample360 solution gives Hospitals control, tracking and tractability over their Blood Sample taking. The solution helps to eradicate a number of costly errors from the point of view of the inconvenience to the patient and to the improved efficiencies in the hospital.  Read More

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Positive Patient Identification



PPID360 is the latest generation in systems providing Positive Patient Identification in Healthcare Organisations. At the very heart of every Organisation providing Healthcare to the public is the ability to know who you are treating and feel confident that a mistake has not occurred. Read More

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Electronic Patient Observation

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It is a long established fact that timely observations and the modi?ed early warning score (EWS) taken from these observations saves lives and improves the care provided to a patient by the hospital – often paper based solutions take too long or even worse observations can be missed. This is why we have developed Vital360 Read More



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