Maintenance Management

Maintenance-Management-Software-copy 11Enterprise Class Maintenance Management Software just became affordable

Most Maintenance Managers are responsible for a large amount of equipment and a significant number of engineers (whether these are in-house staff or contractors). However, the vast majority are still using paper based management systems which don’t give them the information they need to be as effective as possible.

Imagine being able to access all the information you need for every asset and engineer on your estate instantly using any computer with a web browser. MSoft’s Maintenance Management Software (MMMS) makes this possible. It can be used by multiple stakeholders including onsite engineers, third party contractors, product suppliers and customers but has been developed specifically to meet the needs of Maintenance and Operations Managers.  MMMS can provide answers to some of the most difficult questions you encounter on a daily basis, helping you to make better decisions.

How do you know if planned maintenance is actually being completed?
According to our experience up to 30% of planned maintenance work is never completed as engineers will often prioritise so called “unplanned emergency” calls, which can mean they are called away before completing the planned work. If the engineer has to fill out paper work at a later date this may be incorrectly recorded as a completed job.

MMMS gets around this problem by ensuring service engineers complete jobs on the system whilst onsite, thus eliminating re-entering of data solving the burden of paperwork and errors. If you’re a maintenance company this feature also means faster and more accurate billing of completed work.

How do you know which engineers and contractors are delivering the best value for money?
If you are using a traditional maintenance management system it can be expensive and time consuming to collate data and produce reports on which engineers and contractors are the most efficient and which issues are fixed first time. MMMS lets you quickly compare engineer and contractor performance over time. It allows you to set benchmarks and targets as well as compare contractor performance against SLAs.

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