MICES copyQuite simply, the MSoft ICES solution enables you to manage and control the day-to-day demands of delivering independent living equipment services to the local community, inline with ICES guidelines, smoothly, effectively, flexibly and highly economically.

The MSoft solution is a pure Internet-based solution That means there’s no need to install software or worry about user licences. It is a truly integrated solution that links each partner, store and prescriber.

It enables field staff to order equipment from any location, using appropriate equipment including hand-held devices. It features a comprehensive and detailed catalogue of equipment that  shows photographs of each item, explanations of its use, client-tailored instructions and the manufacturer’s own details. Staff can track and monitor requisitions and enquire on-line, or report, about any aspect of the process at any time.

They can check anything and everything,  from stock availability to the cost of purchases for a given partner and update order delivery progress as necessary. There are even built-in budget controls that warn of overspends and indicate where products require order authorisation.

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