Implementation Support Training

Implementation Support Training copyThere is no doubt that moving towards and maintaining an integrated community equipment service reprents a real challenge, but one which, if planned correctly, can make a real impact on servcie provision. The IT system you choose is just one element that you must get right, but it is an element which is key to your success.

For that reason, we pride ourselves on our user support from initail demonstration, through implementation and beyond. Having already implemented the MESaLS software system in over 35 sites across the UK, ranging over Health, Social Services and jointStores and including some large organisations both centrally located and dispersed geographically, we have a bank of experience from which you can draw.

Our approach is to ensure you are provided with as much support as you require during the implementation, installation and follow-up stages. With the amount of experience that we now have, we can prvide recommentdations on how best to use our flexible softwareto match and optimise your own operational set-up and requirements, whilst also keepingan eye on management information needs from the viewpoint of the servce as a whole.