What is CES360?

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CES360 is both a powerful software solution and a set of powerful process guidelines; both of these areas combine to form a very powerful tool in the Community for every team member who interacts with it. It makes sure the Client receives the correct Equipment that fulfils their need and that the Equipment was delivered in the shortest time possible.

What is the CES360 Software Solution?
At the heart of the CES360 Software Solution is the CES360 Application Server or “Hub”. This Hub provides the 360 degree decision making engine for all aspects of the Community Equipment Service from managing Prescriber budgets to ordering Equipment and creating deliveries to name but a few. The intelligent Hub provides many different ways to interact with CES360 and these include Web Browsers, Tablets and Smartphones.

CES360_Hub_v1The CES360 Hub

The Hub has been developed using the latest Microsoft C# .NET technology offering a truly scalable and powerful system to meet the demands of the very smallest to the very largest customer. The underlying database is the award winning Microsoft SQL Server. The combination of these two Microsoft platforms means CES360 is fit for the present and the future.

The CES360 Hub also offers a huge array of Web Services which provides the ability for the Hub to interact with its own System Interfaces but also allows it to effortlessly interface with Social Service, Route Optimisation and Vehicle Tracking Systems. The Hub also provides the ability for CES360 to interact with many different types of computer hardware.





Tile Web Interface
The CES360 Web-based Interface provided by the Hub has been painstakingly designed to the latest Tile based guidelines adopted by Microsoft Windows 8 (Metro), Apple iOS and Google Android. The design is based around a block based Tile interface that works in harmony on a traditional PC and a new Tablet – the Tiles are large enough for a click of a mouse or touch of a finger.


The Web Interface also makes use of finger swipes with drag and drop features which the user base has grown accustomed to over the last few years on their own Smartphones and Tablets. There is no need to refresh data or reload a page as the Hub provides the Web Interface with a special Web Service based technology called AJAX; this technology simply means as soon as the data is changed on the page it is saved in the Hub.

Smartphone Apps
The CES360 Software Solution also includes a number of Smartphone Apps for the Community Care Team and the Warehouse Logistics Team. The Community Care Team Apps are supported on the Google Android and Apple iOS platforms; these Apps are available on Google Play and Apple iTunes allowing users to download them onto their own Smartphones. The Warehouse Logistics Team App is supported on the Google Android platform only due to the fact most Enterprise hardware manufacturers such as Motorola are increasingly turning to the Google Android platform for their new devices as it offers best value for money.


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