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I am a Prescriber in the Community called Zoe – How woulMSoft_Prescriber_zoe_v1 copyd I use CES360?


You have two options – you can use your PC in the office or use a Tablet or Smartphone in the Community. There is obviously more features and functions on the CES360 Web Interface back in the office but that would require a trip back to the office to re-enter the data from your note pad.

The Best Practice: Use your Apple or Google Android Smartphone in the Clients home.

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Updates and events linked to the Order are sent to the Smartphone as the Order moves through to Delivery. CES360 will also announce each morning which Clients are due to get their Equipment today and with one single click on ‘Quick Call’ you can ring them instantly on the Smartphone.

Other features also include the ability to attach notes and images to the Clients file.

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