CES360 Delivery & Collection

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CES360_Delivery_v1 copyI am a Delivery and Collection Driver called Bob – How would I use CES360?




Simple! We can assume the Picking Team has already prepared the load for the morning of the Delivery. We can also assume during the night that the Client addresses have been placed into the most efficient route for Delivery and Collection.

The Best Practice: Use your Google Android Motorola TC55 Smartphone with Van mounted mobile Printer.

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The important thing to note here is the lack of paper.

The whole process is managed by the powerful Motorola TC55 device running the CES360 Logistics App. You will also note that the Delivery and Collection receipts are printed on demand which means the driver does not need to travel with reams of paperwork. The on-board Printer can also be used to print ‘Sorry I missed you’ cards with the Drivers details on to arrange a re-attempt later.

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