Asset Management and CES360

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CES360 has two options to manage Assets. The first option makes use of its own built-in Asset Management system. This system is powerful but it is limited to manage Community Equipment Assets. This means the Assets are still tracked and managed with a comprehensive system but it means the events and activities that can be performed on the Asset are limited to Community Equipment.

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CES360 can be extended with an advanced option; this involves interfacing with the very powerful and proven Assethound Asset Management product. Assethound is an Enterprise Asset Management system designed to maintain virtually any type of Asset including telecare, telehealth and stair lifts.

Some of it’s key features include:

1.  Flexible Asset properties that can be recorded based upon its Category
2.  Multiple Documents and Images can be recorded against each Asset
3.  Management of Asset Warranty including Warranty provider and Documents
4.  Powerful Searching Tool for Assets and Service & Maintenance Schedules
5.  Service and Maintenance Templates are designed by the User and attached to any Asset
6.  Maintenance Schedule periods are chosen by the User
7.  Dashboards designed to highlight KPI conformance
8.  Assets can have Owners and Locations
9.  Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can be attached to Asset Groups based on Owner and Location
10.  Invoicing option can be used to generate Invoices for the Owner or the Owner of the Location of the Asset
11.  Invoices can be generated individually or in bulk
12.  Third Party Interface for Service and Maintenance suppliers cutting down on paperwork
13.  Integration with Internal and External location monitoring
systems such as Ekahua and AeroScout

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