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CES360 is the very latest Web-based software solution for managing Community Equipment Services. All Community Equipment Services large and small are tasked with the expedited response to the need for specialist Equipment once a decision has been made by the Community Care Team. Anything less than an expedited response means a longer stay in hospital or
even worse a nasty fall in the home.

This is where CES360 comes in to play. It has been named CES360 because it provides a 360 degree service to all aspects of the Community Equipment Service from guiding the specialist nurse on product choice, managing the Warehouse to ensure the Delivery of the chosen Equipment, providing the CCG Commissioners with KPI information and finally collecting the Equipment when it is no longer needed.

CES360 is also the first true web-based software solution designed exclusively for the Community Equipment Service in 10 years. CES360 stands out in the market as it is 100% web-based and it has been built on over 40 years of software knowledge with input from the full MSoft suite of products for the CES market namely MICES, MESaLS and CEquip.

The system has been designed from the ground up utilising the very latest simple to use interface designs and making use of the latest hardware technology
including Smartphones allowing the important decisions to be made in the Client’s home; by making the decision in the home it means the Equipment will be delivered sooner and mistakes are reduced.

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