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The MSoft ICES solutions (MICES, MESaLS, CEquip and CES360) are pure Internet-based solutions. That means there’s no need to install software or worry about user licences. These are truly integrated solutions that links each partner, store and prescriber. It enables field staff to order equipment from any location, using appropriate equipment including hand-held devices. It features a comprehensive and detailed catalogue of equipment that shows photographs of each item, explanations of its use, client-tailored instructions and the manufacturer’s own details.

Staff can track and monitor requisitions and enquire on-line, or report, about any aspect of the process at any time. They can check anything and everything, from stock availability to the cost of purchases for a given partner and update order delivery progress as necessary. There are even built-in budget controls that warn of overspends and indicate where products require order authorisation.

A stock management system can include electronic bar-coding of items and an asset management system can record the location of every item of equipment and its repair history ensuring that all health and safety obligations are met.

The spectrum of stores functions, featuring bar-code scanning capabilities in all relevant areas, ranges across product and order management, stock processing, warehouse management and asset management. The difficulties of producing meaningful and accurate performance indicators to auditors’ satisfaction are eliminated at the click of a button.

Reporting capabilities for partners are also vast. You can access budget spend by partner and cost centre against equipment types delivered, see the cost of planned maintenance, the cost of repairs, the number of items delivered by area and the number of orders placed by area.

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