Pathology the Heart of good Healthcare

Almost every patient treated in the NHS has had a Sample passed through pathology at some point. Every time you give a blood, stool, urine or tissue sample, it is analysed by a pathologist or pathology scientist known as a biomedical or clinical scientist. 1 Report of the Second Phase of the Review of NHS – Read More

Blood360 installed in 28 Hospitals in 12 weeks

Read how Blood360 has been installed into 28 Nuffield Health Hospitals in 12 weeks and why On Tuesday 24th January 2017 private Hospital group Nuffield Health went live in Leeds and York with their new Remote Issue Electronic Blood Tracking system Blood360. The Situation Nuffield Health had a requirement to replace its existing Electronic Blood – Read More

Your Never Events, Never Ever

MSoft’s Blood360, Sample360 and PPID360 working together so your Never Event will Never Ever happen in your Hospital.  The solutions stop the never event “Transfusion of ABO-incompatible blood components” from happening. They also stop the Never Event Misidentification of patients, however this has been removed from the latest list of Never Events but is still a – Read More

‘Humanitarian crisis’ in NHS A&Es overwhelmed by demand

Figures show that recorded numbers of patients in ambulances are being turned away from Accident and Emergency units because hospitals are so busy. The Daily Telegraph recent coverage reported on an NHS memo telling health officials that the “most important thing” is to avoid language such as “black alert” – the phrase used to denote – Read More

Bloodhound 10th Birthday

This Year Bloodhound is 10 Years Old… Happy Birthday Bloodhound Did you know? Bloodhound is now used in over 111 Hospitals Bloodhound is now used by 100,000+ medical professionals Over 1 Million Blood bags have been protected by Bloodhound over the last 10 Years Over 400,000 Blood Transfusions have been managed by Bloodhound over the – Read More