29 Private Hospitals Go Live across UK with state of the art Blood Tracking Technology

Private Hospital group Nuffield Health are now live across 29 of their Hospitals with MSoft’s Blood360, Sample360 and PPID360 solutions. The solutions were needed because Nuffield Health had a requirement to replace its existing Electronic Blood Tracking System (BARS blood audit and release system) that had been in use for over 10 years. The driver to – Read More

Blood Unit Teleportation Technology (BUTT) released by MSoft

MSoft is proud to announce the launch of its New T2 Kiosk, featuring MSoft patented BUTT module (Blood Unit Teleportation Technology). Like its predecessor, the T1, it helps solve big problems within NHS Hospitals. It is now available to order but only until the 1st of April 2017. Matt McAlister, MSoft Managing Director commented; “I am very excited about – Read More

Wrong Blood, Wrong Patient, What now?

Blood360 Bedside is the final key piece in maintaining the integrity of the blood products and the safety of the patient. Scan the patient’s wristband to confirm their identity and then the unit of Blood; Blood360 will then cross check that the identifiers match. This gives the user confidence and stops serious harm or death – Read More

Benefits of upgrading to Blood360

Controlling access to Blood Fridges has never been so easy with the new Blood360 T1 and E1 Kiosks. The E1 Kiosk is the next evolutionary step in the Enterprise range of Kiosk where as the T1 is built from the ground up from over 10 years of user experience & customer feedback. The upgrade to – Read More

Pathology the Heart of good Healthcare

Almost every patient treated in the NHS has had a Sample passed through pathology at some point. Every time you give a blood, stool, urine or tissue sample, it is analysed by a pathologist or pathology scientist known as a biomedical or clinical scientist. 1 Report of the Second Phase of the Review of NHS – Read More