Benefits of upgrading to Blood360

Controlling access to Blood Fridges has never been so easy with the new Blood360 T1 and E1 Kiosks. The E1 Kiosk is the next evolutionary step in the Enterprise range of Kiosk where as the T1 is built from the ground up from over 10 years of user experience & customer feedback. The upgrade to the Bloodhound system, now called Blood360, is faster and more intuitive for the user.

Fingerprint access –  Now comes as standard with both T1 & E1 Kiosks, however, you can still determine how to access the Kiosk from a choice of Barcode & PIN Access Cards and Active Directory Single-Sign-On.

Training – You don’t have to buy an extra Kiosk for just training, on the T1 and E1 you can now switch into training mode without affecting real-time data, to teach new team members or retrain existing staff. However, you can still buy a portable training Kiosk if you wish.

Wireless Kiosk – The T1 & E1 Kiosks can now be placed anywhere as long as there are power sockets and adequate WiFi connection.

Contextual help – At each step of the journey Blood360 helps guide you through using on-screen text prompts.

Remote Issue (Module) – Allows Blood to be store un-reserved in a fridge closer to where it is needed, and then issue them remotely using the Kiosk and a comparability label printer.

Batch Products (Module) – Uniquely label individual batch products with a barcoded label issued from a T1 or E1 kiosk, trace and manage the product within Blood360.

Stock Blood (Module) –  Book blood stock straight in from NHSBT

New Interface – Blood360 is more intuitive for users, the interface improves issue and return times, it’s also now available in any language. Just plug and play, the new Kiosk needs minimal IT input for setup.

To power an E0 or E1 Kiosk it can be as high as 185 Watts per day this can cost the hospital up to £194 pounds per year. To power a T1 Kiosk it only takes 24 Watts per day at a running cost of £25 pounds per year.

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