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Julie Cole Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS copy“The introduction of MSoft Bloodhound has enabled us to ensure all the Blood products collected from our Transfusion Department are fully traceable…We have begun to see the full impact of the vein to vein system in our Haematology departments where we are able to track the Blood knowing exactly where the unit is and who is performing what task…We look forward to implementing this system throughout the Trust improving the safety of the Blood provision for all patients.”

March 2013


Andy Houghton Royal Liverpool NHS“The effectiveness of Bloodhound can be measured by the way, once sceptical staff now see the system as the first line of patient safety. Once trained in the system, the staff are amazed at how easy the system is to use, yet it provides the reassurance that cold chain requirements are met. Wastage is reduced and the right Blood is collected for the right patient.”

March 2013



Stephan Bates Department of Health UK copy

“Implementing the Bloodhound product has improved the quality of the service provided and enabled us to get 100% traceability for our Blood and Blood components. In addition to making the Blood supply chain more secure by using lockdown password protected fridges, It has allowed us to ensure that all staff collecting Blood from Blood Banks are appropriately trained and competence assessed, appropriately trained and competence assessed, reducing the risk of errors in this critical area. The ability of the system to stop blood being placed back into the fridge after its time or temperature range violation has reduced the amount of wastage and in turn saved money.”