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MSoft was established in 1999 with a single-minded philosophy; to optimise the power and potential of the internet to improve the way people work. Based on the Wirral, MSoft’s award winning Health/Public Sector Divisions work with over 150 agencies across local government and the NHS.


MSoft’s Community Equipment Division is the largest CES software provider in the UK, servicing over 12.7 million people. Our Internet Inspired ICES Solution was key in helping GGILES – the Greater Glasgow Independent Living Equipment Service to major award, unanimously voted “best project in delivering efficiency” in 2006 Government Computing BT Awards for Innovation. MSoft’s Community Equipment Division won contracts in 2013 as far reaching as Tasmania, part of the Commonwealth of Australia. The Community Equipment Division are currently rolling out its latest solution CES360 to MSoft 68 independent community Equipment Stores across the UK.

MSoft’s Medical Division brought to market Electronic Blood Tracking System Bloodhound in 2007. Since then Bloodhound has become the UK’s Leading Blood Tracking System securing contracts with NHS trusts, winning in 2012 and 2014 8 out of 8 tenders for Blood Tracking. Trafford Healthcare NHS Trust won the award for a blood tracking solution developed with MSoft which has achieved complete tracking and traceability of all blood products used by the trust. In 2015/16 MSoft’s Bloodhound (Blood Tracking System) is used in over 41 NHS Trusts across 111 Hospitals.

A job at MSoft is unlike any other you’ve had. You’ll be challenged, you’ll be inspired and you’ll be proud, because whatever your job is at MSoft, you’ll be part of something great.

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