Trafford NHS Trust Blood Tracking

Bloodhound copyTrafford chooses Blood Tracking Solution from MSoft

  • Provides full auditing of blood use in the Trust
  • Web enabled solution supports handheld devices on wards
  • IBM kiosk to control fridge access
  • Major improvement in patient safety

Cheshire UK, February 23rd 2007 Trafford Healthcare NHS Trust has opted for MSoft’s Blood solution to provide complete tracking and traceability of all blood products used by the trust.

The system has been co-developed with a multi-disciplinary team from Trafford and will provide healthcare professionals with handheld devices linked to a main server providing complete accountability of blood products in line with EU blood safety and quality regulations.

Dr David Alderson, Consultant Hematologist comments, ”Having instigated the project it has been fascinating and fulfilling to see the process-mapping and audit brought to life, with the added aspect of major improvements in patient safety”.

Each handheld device works with both linear and 2D barcodes ensuring all relevant data on the blood, the user and patient is captured and acted on in real time on the wards. Access to and management of the Trust’s fridge based blood stock will be controlled by a dedicated IBM kiosk provided by MSoft to run on the web based system.

The implementation follows earlier successful clinical trials. Using the e-Government/NHS guidelines for the application development has provided a modular and scalable solution that the Trust will self-administer.

Project Manager for Trafford NHS Trust Steve Parsons comments, “As the first NHS hospital we have a heritage of innovation at Trafford General and that spirit’s alive in becoming the first UK Trust to adopt this sophisticated web based solution. Working with MSoft our Blood tracking capability is to be absolutely state of the art, but we’ve kept it accessible in terms of both in ease of use and in running costs.”

Marie Green, Specialist Practitioner of Transfusion for Trafford NHS Trust adds, “What we have achieved is a major improvement in patient safety. Whilst we were expecting the operational benefits the big surprise has been the reaction of patients themselves. Live real time information at the bedside certainly adds to their perception of being well cared for.”

Commenting for MSoft, sales manager Martin Blake said, ” A lot of the credit must go to the team we’ve worked with at Trafford especially at the ward level to make this work so well. It’s been really rewarding listening to the feedback from the removal of the limitations of their previous system.

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About MSoft

Founded in 1999, MSoft is currently in Ellesmere Port Cheshire and has over 300 clients across multiple market sectors from NHS equipment suppliers to a range of industries. MSoft provides consumption management solutions to over 45 agencies across local government and the NHS and a wide range of commercial clients across multiple sectors.
MSoft’s applications are built with flexibility in mind enabling easy integration into legacy systems. MSoft prides itself on innovation, using open platforms and forging ahead with mobile technology developments gaining true advantages from Internet based operations.
Healthcare Business ICT Support Team of the Year
Bringing Trafford’s Blood Transfusion process into the 21st Century


Trafford Healthcare NHS Trust overcame severe budget limitations to develop a state of the art electronic blood tracking system. The results created by the multi-disciplinary team for use within the Trust has been cited by the Clinical Pathology Accreditation (CPA) UK as an example of exemplar practice in its field and is fundamental to providing compliance with forthcoming EU legislation. The enterprise class system architecture and platform simplifies integration with the ‘Connecting for Health framework‘ and supports easier data transfer to the electronic patient record system and in practice has relieved patient’s anxiety over receiving transfusions.

Landmarks and achievements

* Meets European Union (EU) Directive (2002/98/EC) for Blood.
* Allows the Trust to meet the clinical governance requirements of Health Service. Circular HSC 2002/009 Better Blood Transfusion, appropriate use of blood.
* Budgetary constraints overcome, system now being adopted by other Trusts.
* Platform simplifies integration with the Connecting for Health framework.
* Fully traceable and auditable final fate of all blood used in the Trust.


The new EC guidelines on blood tracking posed a problem for Trafford, since funding was unavailable to purchase, adapt and support any of the current generation of blood tracking systems.

Steve Parsons, IM & T Projects manager was asked to rethink plans to buy an off the shelf blood tracking system to ensure the Trust met with compliance.

After identifying requirements and the needs for compliance, a business case was made to the Trust showing alternatives, costing and plans. It was agreed the finances would be made available for a multi-disciplinary team to develop a system that would not only comply with all the regulations but meet the hospital’s needs by reducing the risks involved in the transfusion procedure and improving patient safety. The Chief Executive of the Trust and the finance department actively supported this work.

The objective was to introduce handheld computers into the ward areas to guide staff through the blood transfusion process. A primary system that would be accessible, auditable and maintain the records as set out in government legislation for 30 years.

The team put together by Steve Parsons included a Consultant Haematologist, Pathology Manager, Blood bank Manager, Specialist Practitioner of Transfusion and a project manger from MSoft.

Regular project meetings gave all individuals fresh insight on the transfusion process. The tight deadlines met were testament to the quality of the management of the project and the ICT leadership, with common goal compliance and improving patient safety providing strong motivation to succeed.

Several new practices and processes were introduced to support bar codes covering staff ID cards, patient wristbands and clinical areas where change management skills proved important.

Nursing staff can now be trained and competency tested on collection, administration and patient care throughout the blood transfusion procedure. Not only is this important for this procedure but also ensures compliance with National Patient Safety instruction.

“Working with MSoft we used all of our ICT knowledge and skills to translate the clinical aspects of hospital work and processes. It meant thinking about how else we could improve things for our patients, taking into account the end information and evidence that was required. Together with MSoft our combined knowledge and skills has created a solution that can be adapted to many clinical situations. Following a successful pilot we are now ready to expand our project through the rest of the hospital and change Transfusion in our trust to a safer treatment and care programme” comments Steve Parsons.