Bloodhound is a truly unique Blood Tracking System. At its core is a fully secure access and computerised audit, reporting and stock management solution – allowing for cross-matched issue, remote issue, tailored reporting and auditing through to bedside Transfusion management, patient observations monitoring and reporting with real time alerting and communication.


Blood360 is known as Bloodhound in the UK. Bloodhound has consistently been the leading Electronic Blood Tracking System in the UK since 2007. For the Rest of World markets the solution has been re-branded to reflect the 360° management of Blood Products by Bloodhound in the Hospital. Blood360/ Bloodhound by the end of 2016 will be used in over 111 Hospitals.


Sample360 is a powerful phlebotomy sample tracking and management solution that can operate as simple or as complex as the customer requires.  The system helps to eradicate a number of costly errors in the sample taking process from the point of view of the inconvenience to the patient and to the improved efficiencies in the hospital.


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Latest News

Wrong Blood, Wrong Patient, What now? Blood360 Bedside is the final key piece in maintaining the integrity of the blood products and the safety of the patient. Scan the patient’s wristband to confirm their identity and then the unit of Blood; Blood360 will then cross check that the identifiers match. Read More…


MSoft is exhibiting at Scotblood annual conference 8th – 9th June in Stirling, Scotland. This year, Scotblood will welcome a variety of internationally renowned speakers discussing the latest scientific news and developments affecting the ever-changing fields of transfusion and transplantation science. Read More…